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Improve customer and user experience Optimize IT infrastructure efficiency Leverage latest and leading technologies to harness maximum potential and growth for your organization.

Nextbrick, Inc is a technology services firm that provides consulting services focused on enterprise and web content infrastructure, portals, big data, content management, search, cloud and application development.

IT Services

Consulting, Architecture, Integration and Implementation

With the team of expert engineers, NextBrick provides Solr and Elasticsearch consulting to help you implement powerful search applications through a full range of enterprise search engine consulting and implementation services. From startups to enterprises, NextBrick provides IT services in technologies such as Big Data, Enterprise Content Management, Cloud Computing, and Search to empower your digital infrastructure.

Business Process Outsourcing

Troubleshoot, Production, Performance & Support

Whether for Sales and Marketing or for Finance and Accounting, NextBPO has been dedicated to building profitable partnerships based upon delivering consistent, high-quality data and voice services that produce the best possible results for our clients.


Solr Support

Feature implementation :

  • Solr Consulting and Solr Support
  • Performance Tuning
    Optimize query response time, Indexing time ,
    Optimize index size, disk, cpu, ram, server utilization
  • Relevancy Tuning
    Improve relevancy of keywords to come on first rank or top 3, top 5.
  • Implement features like Typeahead, Spellchecker, Faceting, Sorting, Multilingual
    Search, etc
  • Implement natural language processing to process complex queries
    Implement AI/ML based systems. Develop train deploy an tune models.
    Chatbots, Smart answer QnA systems.
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Elasticsearch Consulting

Feature implementation :

  • Health Check
  • Elasticsearch Consulting and Elasticsearch Support
  • Review, Analyze, Recommend, and Improve
    • Best practices
    • Architecture and design
    • Setup and configuration
    • Data modeling
    • Pipeline/ingestion
    • Visualizations/dashboards
  • Development
  • Index design and development
  • Connector Design development
  • API, Query development
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Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities

Community feature implementation :

  • Salesforce community cloud consulting
  • Discovery :
    UI/UX Design and Functional Requirement scoping and prototyping
  • Development:
    of features like Case Management, Grids to display data, Cart, Product Page, Detail Page
    Multilingual Globalized
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Lucidworks Fusion

NextBrick provides expert consulting, architecture, integration, implementation, and deployment services for Lucidworks Fusion Server, Fusion AI and Fusion App Studio. Our services include:

  • Fusion installation, configuration and integration
  • Distributed search strategies
  • Architecture for a highly available solution that scales for current and future volume
  • Architecture for disaster recovery and replication
  • High performance index and query pipelines
  • Signals configuration and integration
  • Application integration
  • Index optimization to ensure relevancy
  • Performance tuning, load balancing and load testing
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of search information and usage
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Sitecore Consulting

We have the Certified Sitecore expertise helps on analyzing, identifying implementation and optimization of various Sitecore Services and Solutions to meet industry need.

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Development & Deployment
  • Upgradation & Migration
  • Infrastructure & Integration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • UI / UX Service Offering
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Case Studies

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Leading Health
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