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NextBrick provides complete range of consulting and implementation services for Elastic product ecosystem includes:

Elastic search Consulting
Architecture & design
Performance Tuning
Search & Query relevancy & Optimization
Search Development of Solutions Using Open-Source Technologies
Migration from other search platforms to Solr or Elasticsearch

NextBrick uses its expertise in Big Data analytics and Search to offer consulting services to help you reach your goal faster, following best practices that ensure your solution is efficient and scalable.

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NextBrick’s Offerings in the Search space

What We Do

Indexing Development

Make application stable with increased speed of indexing and removing latency of bringing data into elastic search. Create domain & problem specific optimized index creation.

Relevancy Tuning

Relevancy Tuning will help your users in getting desired results as fast as possible with fewer clicks or words. This will enable you in evaluating how good the current search is.

API Development

Provide fast, scalable, robust API endpoints, which connect UI to Elastic search queries. Close development of API endpoints and queries will help in avoid many integration bugs.

Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning will help in understanding the health of the machines, health of the cluster. Improving those will improve the overall experience of end users.

Elasticsearch Solutions


Schema & Mapping



Sizing and Performance

Snapshot and Restore

Client Testimonials


“Nextbrick was able to quickly understand our Solr search requirements and provided a comprehensive solution for us. Ordinarily, having a third party provide development services with our ecommerce platform can be a challenge, but they easily managed our environment and seamlessly collaborated with our website partner. Overall, I was very pleased with their value.”

Digital Marketing Manager

Leading Ecommerce hardware company


“As I stated, we have a group of contractors from Nextbrick who we would like to reward for going above and beyond the call of duty, and putting in extremely hard work in launching a successful summer release here at CSAA. We would like to reward the team.”

 Virginia Weatherby eBusiness

AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah


“Just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the great job done! The core idea behind this project was to show that ES can truly be used for real time updates and how quickly we can model the data across complex tables in our source system. Your work is definitely commendable. Also the demo was seamless and very clearly articulated.”

Sr Elasticsearch Architect Lead

Fortune 500 Hardware Manufacturing Company