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Nextbrick makes sure that our clients are offered the best, latest, and most relevant Salesforce Communities features that help them in leveraging their functionality.

Online Community Management
Can Be Customized
A Great Customer Service Tool
Handle Complex Issues
Highly Customizable CRM Platform
Personalisation and Case Escalation
E-commerce Development
Responsive Mobile Experience

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Business Integration

Infuse communities with data from any system, anywhere. Customers can create and escalate support cases. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. Employees can collaborate on.


Customise Community Cloud to reflect your brand and extend your online community experience. Create stunning, simple-to-use environments that are an interactive extension of your brand.


Community Cloud automatically suggests connections to experts, groups, and content. Recommendations are based on individual interests, needs, and behaviour, inviting deeper community participation.


Collaborate anywhere, from any device. Access the community through the Salesforce mobile app or from any mobile browser. Deliver a rich, branded, and device-responsive mobile experience anywhere.

More Features

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online community management software that enables businesses to create and manage online communities for customers and employees. This software can be customized to host a variety of solutions such as self-service portals and message boards. Businesses commonly use Community Cloud as a customer service tool, where customers can communicate with each other and provide information on support issues. In this model of customer service, agents are more likely to handle complex issues which cannot be solved within the online community. Salesforce Community Cloud consulting services assist clients with configuring and deploying this program.

Salesforce is a highly collaborative and customizable CRM platform. You can tailor its functionality according to your specific requirements and use its tools according to your preferences. 

In order to streamline all business processes and making sure that they are undertaken efficiently, it is important to communicate with multiple entities in an effective manner. We help you in doing so through our Salesforce Community Cloud services.

Customise your community to fit your needs: Community Cloud works as an efficient social platform that allows management to communicate with their channel partners and other important external parties in a quick and efficient manner. Just like any prominent social networking platform, Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to provide your contacts with the necessary data and records to help them accomplish their work efficiently.

Connect your customers: Provide stellar service with powerful community software that lets you create rich, self-service experiences.

Knowledge: Help your customers help themselves and help your agents work smarter, with easy access to articles, FAQ, and the collective wisdom of the community.

 Engagement: Create a vibrant community by recognising your most active members with customisable badges that appear on their profiles. Enable members to endorse each other for specific skills and expertise. 

Case Escalation: Customers can create cases directly in the community. Cases can also be escalated automatically based on keywords, or if a question goes unanswered. Agents can answer within the community, or privately. 

E-commerce: Create new purchasing opportunities by integrating your e-commerce platform and enabling customers to discover, research, and buy products all in one branded, mobile, and social environment.

Client Testimonials


“Nextbrick was able to quickly understand our Solr search requirements and provided a comprehensive solution for us. Ordinarily, having a third party provide development services with our ecommerce platform can be a challenge, but they easily managed our environment and seamlessly collaborated with our website partner. Overall, I was very pleased with their value.”

Digital Marketing Manager

Leading Ecommerce hardware company


“As I stated, we have a group of contractors from Nextbrick who we would like to reward for going above and beyond the call of duty, and putting in extremely hard work in launching a successful summer release here at CSAA. We would like to reward the team.”

 Virginia Weatherby eBusiness

AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah


“Just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the great job done! The core idea behind this project was to show that ES can truly be used for real time updates and how quickly we can model the data across complex tables in our source system. Your work is definitely commendable. Also the demo was seamless and very clearly articulated.”

Sr Elasticsearch Architect Lead

Fortune 500 Hardware Manufacturing Company