Sinequa Consulting

Sinequa Consulting

Expert services to help enterprises implement and enhance Sinequa’s intelligent search platform.

Sinequa Search Services

Sinequa serves both large and complex organizations with the most complete enterprise search, ever. Customers employ our intelligent search platform to connect all content (both text and data), derive meaning, learn from user interactions, and present information in context. Our complete range of consulting and implementation services for Sinequa includes:

Strategy consulting

Define project goals and planning your Sinequa implementation strategy.

Search assessment

Review your current technology infrastructure and recommend the best approach for implementation.


Deploy and configure Sinequa for various enterprise use cases.

Content processing

Combine methods for efficient ingestion, enrichment, normalization, and indexing of structured and unstructured content.


Integrate Sinequa with various content sources and technology platforms to support your use case.

Application support

Ensure your application runs smoothly so your staff can focus on your core business.

Sinequa Search Benefits

  • Speed up innovation
  • Optimize responsiveness to customers
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce redundancy
  • Increase knowledge sharing