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Apache Solr is a leading open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Software Foundation’s Lucene project. It enables advanced full text search capabilities with phrases, wildcards, joins supplemented by text analysis capabilities.

Highly scalable, reliable and fault tolerant, Solr can be used very flexibly for enterprise searchuse cases. It comes with well defined robust APIs, a variety of open interfaces and a built-in,responsive administrative user interface to allow easy onboarding and maintenance.

Solr is known for its abilities to query billions of documents with sub-second response times, near real time indexing, extensive multi-level bucketing support and on-the-fly analytics. It is highly customizable with the many well-defined extension points that make it easy to plug-in both index and query time plugins. Recent versions have seen huge strides in relevance tuning powered by sophisticated Machine Learning tools.

Lucidworks Fusion is an insight engine that drives cognitive search. Powered by Apache Solrand Apache Spark, supplemented by Fusion AI and Fusion App Studio, to complete the wholeecosystem, it is a discovery platform that gives users contextual, personally relevant searchresults and proactive recommendations with artificial intelligence that augments their humanintelligence.

For over 5 years, NextBrick has worked with onboardings, performance tuning, relevancy tuning and general Apache Solr and Lucidworks Fusion support for enterprise search and e-commerce search solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

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Our clients

Enterprise Solr Support Offerings

  • Design and architectural support for use case implementation
  • Hands-on and on-call consulting with software upgrades and cluster expansion
  • Fully managed services
  • Unlimited no. of incidents
  • Expertise with use case management, maintenance and optimisation
  • General troubleshooting and bug fixes
  • Regular health checks and audits
  • Next Business Day support cover

What We Do

Solr Heath Check

Our Solr assessments services provide your organization in-depth insights and important updates and recommendations to better utilize Solr to its full potential for your projects. We start with customer requirements, deliverables and Identify key metrics that either need to be improved, or that the customer would be interested in measuring.

Performance Tuning

We provide robust Solr performance tuning to help architect and come up with an approach to solve your business need. Our team of experienced engineers help you tune solr performance to make it fast, easy to use, and easy to scale. We work with your inhouse team to perform requirement analysis, recommendations, performance tuning and rollout.

Relevancy Tuning

Our team of Solr experts provides relevancy tuning to imptove relevancy of search results. We provide highly optimized, scalable Solr solutions that provide relevant results. Our work of Relevancy tuning can dramatically improve the search results and transform the contribution that a search application makes to a business process.

Solr Support

Our highly-skilled team of Solr experts provides Solr support and maintenance services to monitor environment and ensure seamless user experience. We offer 24 x 7 support for Solr or SolrCloud in production. Our solr engineers have several years of experience in finding issues, providing root cause analysis to meet your business goal.



Fusion Services

  • Work with customer UI team for advanced results list features
  • Setup custom Dashboards and demonstrate monitoring and log analytics

Performance Tuning

  • Measure current server specification
  • Deep dive into solr scheme
  • Solr config
  • Monitoring

Relevancy Tuning

  • Deploy updated relevancy configuration
  • Monitor performance metrics
  • Monitor business feedback
  • Monitor customer feedback




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